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Hall County DUI Lawyer

If you need a DUI Lawyer in Hall County Ga, You should call the

Law Office of Michelle Hall for a free consultation.


As a DUI Lawyer in Hall County Michelle Hall has experience aggressively defending clients charged with DUI.   As a former Hall County DUI prosecutor, she has a unique advantage against the State.  She knows how the state prepares its case and she knows how to utilize this information to benefit her clients.

DUI in Hall County Ga can have serious consequences.  Don’t take your chances with just any lawyer, find a DUI lawyer.  A DUI lawyer will specialize in the defense of DUI.  At the Law Office of Michelle Hall, DUI is the specialty.  Having spent years prosecuting those charged with DUI in Hall County, Ga, Michelle Hall has prepared the cases for the State and gone to trial to prosecute.  This provides unique knowledge of what the State needs to prove in a DUI case in order to successfully prosecute someone for DUI.  She uses that knowledge in the defense of her clients.

In hiring a DUI lawyer in Hall County, one needs to consider trial experience.  If a DUI goes to trial, you need a lawyer who knows there way around a court room.  As a DUI defense attorney, as well as a DUI prosecutor, Michelle Hall has a great deal of trial experience and is ready and willing to take a case to the jury.

Don’t let a DUI ruin your life.  Hire the right DUI Lawyer.



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