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DUI Reduced To Reckless

How to get a DUI Reduced   Do You need a DUI Lawyer?

      You did it. You had some drinks and you drove.  The law doesn’t distinguish between drunk and not drunk.  You are over the legal limit or under the legal limit, it’s that simple.  You got pulled over and arrested for DUI.  Did you take the breathalyzer?  Did you Walk in a straight line, Did you do a one legged stand?  No matter, you are still under arrest.

Now what?
You need a DUI lawyer.
      At this point you are worried about everything.  Once you bail out of jail the worrying begins.  Will I lose my license?  Will I go back to jail, how high will my insurance be or will I even be able to get insurance?  Then you remember all the horror stories that you have heard from others about DUI and the consequences.  For some of you, your JOB could be the cost of a DUI.

      So what is the plan?  To begin with, most of you will need to appeal an administrative license suspension.  In most states, an officer can site you with ALS that suspends your license for a year.  You can appeal that and a great deal of those get overturned.  In most states you must file that appeal within 10 days of your arrest.  You will need a lawyer for that.  You can do it yourself, but that may not be in your best interest.  A lot of lawyers will send the Appeal letter for for you for free.

GET A DUI LAWYER!  Don’t call your family lawyer and ask him to help.  Get a DUI lawyer.  Look online, search for dui lawyer and the city or county you were arrested in.  You wouldn’t hire a foot doctor to do your liver transplant, so don’t use a business lawyer to handle your DUI.
A DUI lawyer has gone through the process in every way possible.

A DUI lawyer will know the route you need to take.

A DUI lawyer will know what the police did wrong

A DUI lawyer will know what the state does wrong in the process

A DUI Lawyer is your best chance to get a DUI REDUCED

If the State doesn’t have strong evidence, if the officer didn’t follow exact procedure, if the there are holes in your case, a good DUI lawyer will be talking to the prosecutors to try to get that DUI reduced.

Often times an offer of reckless driving can be put on the table.  The fines may be the same, the community service time the same, even the risk reduction type classes you may have to take.  However, if the court can save time and money on a case they feel they could very likely lose, they could offer you a lesser charge.

The difference to you?  No DUI on your record.  You may avoid a major insurance hike.  You may avoid losing your job.  More and more employers are eliminating candidates based on a record with a DUI on it.  SO the difference of having a DUI on your record versus not could be life changing.