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DUI Lawyer Athens Ga

DUI Lawyer in Athens

Sometimes people do not always think they need a DUI lawyer in Athens,  especially for a first DUI charge in one’s lifetime. However, there are many technicalities associated with a DUI.  DUI is probably the most complicated misdemeanor offense in that it is a traffic offense, but it is also a crime that involves scientific, chemical evidence.  There are many things that can go wrong with blood testing or breath testing.  In addition to human error, there are sometimes problems with the devices and instruments used to conduct such tests.  Even in DUI prosecutions when there is no blood, breath or urine test, the field sobriety and other manifestations that officers rely upon in making a determination whether or not one is DUI are subject to much debate.  All kinds of variables play a factor in a DUI case – such as the weather, the officer’s training and experience, if there are passengers in the car, the type of shoes the driver is wearing, whether or not the driver has a cold, medications that the driver may be taking, if the accused driver is tired or nervous, the lighting, and the list goes on and on.


No two DUI cases are the same and a simple extraneous statement or mis-advisement on the part of law enforcement can make all the difference in a case.  That is why you need a lawyer who knows what to look for.
A good DUI lawyer in Athens will painstakingly acquire the evidence and go through it in detail, leaving no stone unturned. Mr. Lawson always begins a case aimed at getting the charge reduced or dismissed and plans a comprehensive strategy to contest the case early on. The services of a lawyer dedicating his practice to DUI law and all its intricacies can make the difference between losing your license or not and getting the best outcome on your case. Mr. Lawson and his team of associate DUI attorneys maintain a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week law practice. Contact Mr. Lawson for a consultation with the best DUI lawyer in Athens.


Contact the Law Offices of Richard Lawson for a free consultation from a DUI Lawyer in Athens Georgia.


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